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A word from Delphine Bürkli, Mayor of Paris’s 9th arrondissement

Since her parents used to run a restaurant rue Saint Georges, a few blocks away from the Haussmann Boulevard, Delphine Bürkli knows the neighborhood like few others. Mayor of Paris’s 9th arrondissement since 2014, she gladly pays tribute to its energy and drive.

Always listening to her constituents, her arrondissement and the initiatives that keep pushing it forward, Delphine Bürkli had to greet the launch of the Haussmann Paris Committee’s website. An initiative and alliance that she likens to a follow up to the Grand Magasins department stores being created to become flag bearers of France in a globalized world. 


If the Haussmann Baron’s genius gave Paris and architecture and lighting that we still love and enjoy today, the Grands Magasins have been a model of innovation and growth ever since they were created, being constantly reinvented. The shops that make up the Haussmann Paris Committee are now a crucial part of the heritage of our Nation’s Capital, of its identity, of its culture. Everyday, they enlighten the city’s streets and famous boulevard. As mayor of this iconic neighborhood, I fully support the dynamic created by these crown jewels of Parisian commerce as they offer our city more colors and, beyond city limits, represent an amazing display case for the world, a symbol of France’s attraction, modernity and excellence.


Delphine Bürkli

Mayor of Paris’s 9th arrondissement

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