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The Haussmann Committee


The Haussmann Paris Committee is the association where the major businesses located around the famous Haussmann boulevard come together to collaborate.

The partners gathered together by Haussmann Paris have decided to move beyond their specific identities to put forward a common vision of their district and work on its continued growth together.

The members of the association have defined three priority fields of action : valorizing and modernizing its heritage ; facilitating cultural and creative initiatives ; developing commercial attraction.

Our missions

Haussmann Paris aims to strengthen the district’s attraction to turn it into one of Paris’s most lively areas as well as a window onto the Parisian way of life.

  • Improve everyday life in the neighborhood

    The Haussmann Paris Committee's first priority is the district's everyday life : commercial and artistic initiatives, revegetation, cleanliness and safety... The range of actions is broad and complementary.

  • Speak in one voice to our partners and visitors

    By organizing workshops on the district near future or by representing its interests to the authorities, Haussmann Paris makes sure the district’s voice can be heard everywhere it needs to.

  • Pictogramme_artifice
    Enliven the district all year long

    When planning events linked to the neighborhood’s agenda all year long, Haussmann Paris hopes to create ties with its visitors in the only way that binds : with the heart.


  • Alexandre Liot President Managing Director Galeries Lafayette Haussmann
  • Sandra Jorge Administrator Project manager Eurocommercial Properties Shopping Centers
  • Laurent Bentata Administrator Managing Director Théâtre Mogador
  • Stéphanie BES Administrator Public Affairs Manager LVMH General Secretariat

Put forward a common vision of the district and work on its continued growth together.

Legal notices

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