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The Haussmann Paris Committee launches its website

Thanks to its new website, the Haussmann Paris Committee can bring forward its actions and objectives, keep its locals and visitors updated on its latest news, and broaden its reach in France and abroad.

Each year, the Haussmann district lures 50 millions visitors on 150 000 square meters of retail space, which adds up to a 3 billion dollar a year turnout – three times more than the famous Champs-Élysées. These numbers speak for themselves, but the reach of the Haussmann district can still be broaden and the opening of this websitemust help to do just that. 


The Haussmann Paris Committee, getting together to speak in one voice 

The Haussmann Committee was created in 1997, more then 130 years after the first department stores or Grands Magasins opened their doors on the Haussmann boulevard. The association was created to stand up for the district’s interests and keep working on its sustained growth. In November 2017, eleven partners gathered to bring to Haussmann Committee back to life (against five in 1997) with even more ambition: rejuvenate the neighborhood and keep raising its profile so that it becomes a focal point of France’s capital everyday life. Working hand in hand is the best way to get there : “move beyond our differences and competition to throw ourselves into the district’s growth together” sums up Vice-President of the Haussmann Paris Committee Pierre Pelarrey to the trade magazine LSA. 


A useful and human display case

Launching its website helps the Haussmann Paris Committee to increase its visibility, first, but it will also be a tool for the Committee to explain its very actions to its different audiences: visitors, collaborators as well as media members, associations or authorities… The members of the association will use this display case website to speak in one voice and make their temporary or recurrent actions visible and understandable all year long. To make itself useful, will offer an interactive map that will point shop locations or Instagram hotspots to its users. The website will also tell the small and great stories of the Haussmann district, putting forward its unique heritage as well as the men and women who bring life to the neighborhood today. 

Welcome on the Haussmann Paris website, opened on the district’s life, its colorful characters and must-see locations. 

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