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Young designers on display in the streets of Paris

  • Photo: Louise Desnos for Marianna Ladreyt

  • Committees and Laureates of the Hyères Festival
    Photo: Paul Blind

  • Photo: Nolwenn Brod for Botter & Herrebrugh

  • Rushemy Botter and Lishie

  • Photo: Anna Orlowska for Coralie Marabelle

What better time than Paris Fashion Week, which will take place from September 23 to October 1, 2019, to shed some of the limelight on young designers? With the exhibition “Paris-Hyères, la mode de demain” (Paris-Hyères, Fashion of the Future), Comité Haussmann Paris and Comité du Faubourg Saint-Honoré deploy a unique initiative in the streets of Paris that puts tomorrow’s talents in the spotlight.

While all eyes are turned on Parisian catwalks and the heart of the city beats to the rhythm of runway shows during this period, two of Paris’ major district Committees collaborate for the first time to organize an event in connection with their district’s identity: an outdoor photograph exhibition in the streets of their respective districts introducing the general public to a complementary and still too little-known aspect of the fashion industry, that of young designers. Jean-Pierre Blanc, founder of Hyères’ International Festival of Fashion, Photography and Fashion Accessories, which promotes young creation every year, is the exhibition’s artistic director. Jean-Pierre Blanc says he is “delighted to present the multi-faceted collaborations of these talented fashion designers and photographers in such an exceptional backdrop.”


Totem map


From Boulevard Haussmann to Rue Royale, via Place de la Madeleine, Rue Tronchet or Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré, this open-air exhibition featuring 34 Totems is designed as a creative and fun stroll, immortalizing the collections of 18 young fashion designers who were finalists at the Hyères Festival. Among them, the Frenchwomen Marine Serre and Clara Daguin, but also some international talents such as the Japanese Kenta Matsushige, the German Annelie Schubert, or the Finnish Rolf Ekroth. A tour of the world’s most talented young designers, as this season places fashion in the spotlight.





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